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Apr. Kv-3 schwachstellen - posted in Schwere Panzer: Hey, das thema wurde bestimmt schon irgendwo angeschnitten aber mit der sufu hab ich. 6. Febr. Panzer-Datenbank mit Schwachstellen uvm. - posted in Panzerakademie: Mucal1st #3 Posted 06 February - AM. Staff sergeant. Grafische Übersicht der Hitzonen zu IS Richtschütze, Ladeschütze Rot - Motor, Tank, Getriebe Grün - Schwachstellen Weiß - Munitionslager Blau - Fahrer . Wenn du im KT die lange 10,5 hast solltest du eigentlich die Wanne problemlos perforieren können. This topic is locked. Diese dienen dazu, den Service, den wir zur Verfügung stellen, zu verbessern. Jede dieser Verbindungen spiegelt den allgemeinen Eindruck wider, dass Panzer harte, robuste, undurchdringliche Maschinen inű, die in der Bewegung nahezu unaufhaltsam sind. Schrotti 9 Boxen live stream im internet 22 April - VW Vento 1H 1.

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Just remember that the abysmal accuracy of the will make hitting a target at even a decent range rough. When rounding a corner of a building, make sure to completely clear your turret of the corner or your round will hit the building next to you and even splash-damage yourself!

The same can be relatively said for tier VIII matches, but you should not spearhead pushes. Although you are still relatively able to compete against tier 8s, tier 8 is where the devious Waffentrager Borsig, imposing T34, frustratingly bouncy IS-6 and other tanks lurk.

If you get out in the open with any of such tanks present, you will melt, and fast. Yet on the other side of that coin, the IS still has one ace up its sleeve: When given the opportunity, use the speed of your tank to quickly jump behind a front and put a shot or two into the back or side of an opposing tank, but duck back into the shadows as soon as their guns begin to turn toward you.

The latter play style is almost a necessity if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in a tier IX match. However do not get discouraged, you still have enough gun power to pull an upset or two on a front, or because a complete breakdown of a front for the enemy.

If your gun can land a penetrating shot from a flanking move, odds are others, fast mediums or lights, will follow in.

In essence, you can be seen as playing the role of a trailblazer at tier IX matches, just make sure you do not get on the business end of a tier IX heavy or TD's gun.

In any of these cases, as long as there are other tier VIIs to put the beat down on, focusing on them when you can should do enough to help push your team forward toward victory.

At any of these tiers, Although it is strongly not recommended, if you are able to get off shots on targets a medium-long distance away, the not-too-shabby accuracy of the DT will enable you to land some shots at these ranges, but do not depend on sniping, and when a front nearby is faltering, turn your focus upon it where your mm will land shots easily at close distance.

Overall the IS can be a fun and interesting tank to play, especially if you understand where enemy tanks are weakest and when to pounce on opportunities when they arise.

German tanks of the time had difficulties engaging it, but after the Tiger appeared, the heavy KV proved inadequate. The tank was heavy, but poorly armed with the same gun as the much more mobile T medium tank.

Thus, a replacement was ordered. Tseits, recently released from a GULag, was appointed head designer of the new project. The project first led to the KV universal tank, which was supposed to have medium weight and heavy protection, with both turret and hull protected by cast armor.

By sacrificing internal space, consumption of materials were minimized for a given armor protection, following instructions of the State Defense Committee's decree of However, acceleration was poor and the tank suffered severe reliability problems.

Despite improvements, the Soviet military lost interest in the project. Despite this, the Experimental Tank Factory continued research and testing, led by N.

Shamshuring after the death of Tseits. The design was now more based on the KV-1S. After the appearance of the German heavy Tiger tanks, the speed of development was increased and orders were placed for two Iosef Stalin IS prototypes, based on the design of the KV One of the prototypes, the IS-1 factory designation: Both tanks had better armor protection, a higher speed and equal or better armament than the KV-1S.

Problems with the engine and transmission were solved while factories prepared for the production of the new vehicles. After the first data about the German Tiger tank became available, it turned out that the 85mm AA-gun K model was the most effective against its armor.

It could penetrate the mm frontal armor from m. New 85mm guns based on the K model were developed, the D-5T gun ultimately being the chosen gun for further development.

The IS-1 was ordered into production, together with an order for the development of an IS with a mm gun, based on the mm Field Cannon A Model , which proved to be the most effective anti-tank gun in the battle of Kursk.

During tests, the mm was able to throw a Panther several meters back with a penetrating shot in its side armor. Other tests were done with a mm gun, but this gun was not available in large numbers and ultimately scrapped.

Only IS-1s would be produced. In combat, the mm with regular sharp-nosed APHE ammunition, did not prove to be very effective against Tigers penetration from meters and the sloped Panthers penetration from meters.

Soviet designers noticed that the blunt-nosed HE ammunition was much more effective against sloped armor. It caused cracking of the armor and could tear off the whole front armor plate at the seam weld.

However, in the problems of the APHE round also disappeared as the German tanks decreased in armor quality due to lack of materials and the Soviet ammunition improved in quality.

The IS-2 also improved in quality: Despite this, the armor protection of the IS-2 was still lower than expected: Not all shots penetrated, but the impacts also caused armor splintering and fragmentation inside the turret.

As a result, many many ISs were lost during the winter and spring of Further modifications meant the German 88mm guns could not penetrate its front armor at point-blank range from an angle of 30 degrees.

The turret could not be further modified. The mm already caused major imbalances as the turret was designed for the 85mm gun and increased armor would result in even more problems.

Some smaller improvements to the turret led to an AA-gun and an improved periscope. Soviet tank doctrine focused on only two tanks, the Medium T tank and successors, and the Heavy IS-2 tank.

In total 3, IS-2s and IS-1s were produced. Afterwards, production shifted to its successors, the IS-3 and IS The IS-2 tank was designed as a breakthrough tank and proved very effective during the course of the war.

The separate breakthrough regiments, previously equipped with KV tanks, could field the new tanks from February onwards, receiving the "Guards" status in the process.

Each regiment of men in total consisted of 21 tanks 4 companies of 5 tanks and a commander tank , a SMG infantry company riding on the tank , an anti-aircraft battery, a sapper platoon, a medical platoon, and a signal platoon.

The tank crew was, due to formations of new regiments, partly inexperienced. Each tank had four crew members: The big disadvantage of this setup was that the tank commander had a secondary task: This meant that he could not fully concentrate on the battlefield.

The new tanks first saw action on February 15, , during the Korsun-Shevcheskovsk Operation. When the Soviet tanks approached within meters, the Germans opened fire and knocked out all Soviet tanks.

However, the village was captured the next day. The first IS versus Tiger battle occurred on the first of March Two Tiger tanks were damaged.

More IS-1s were damaged by artillery and field guns and as a result, the Soviet military demanded higher armor quality and the cancellation of the 85mm gun.

The IS-2 was more successful. The 72nd regiment took part in fighting near Obertin between April 20 and May 10 and destroyed 41 Tiger I and Ferdinand tanks it should be noted, however, that all German tank destroyers were labeled Ferdinand by the Soviets, most likely the Ferdinands were Stug IIIs in reality.

Only 8 IS-2s were lost in the battle. Generally this encounters resulted in high losses on both sides. The first and most successful battle happened between a single IS-2 and 7 King Tigers.

The other four retreated. However, the main task of the IS-2 was not tank versus tank combat. The tank was especially potent against soft targets with its 25 kg HE shells.

The appearance of the IS-2 meant the Soviets were now able to break through enemy lines defended by bunkers and AT-guns.

At the very end of the war, the IS-2 was successful as a breakthrough tank in the Battle of Berlin, as it was able to destroy buildings with a single shot.

At that point in the war, the main enemy of the IS-2 was not the Panther or King Tiger, but infantry with Panzerschrecks or Panzerfausts.

The last time the IS-2 was used was during training in , but the vehicle was only definitely scrapped in the s. During the later stages of the war, the IS series was a primary Soviet tank, mainly used to break through enemy lines.

It was the first Soviet tank that was able to face a Tiger or King Tiger one on one. In that role, it did not only have tactical value, but also acted as the model for the turn of the war.

Soviet morale received a boost after the employment of these tanks. Internal space was sacrificed for performance and cost saving.

Is 3 schwachstellen -

Lieber einen Tag lang gekämpft wie ein Löwe, als Jahre gelebt wie ein Schaf Habe es bei meinen Medium T6 drin. Started by Fearless83 , Feb 06 Wir verwenden Google Analytics, um anonyme statistische Informationen zu erfassen wie z. Das aktuelle Schadenspotenzial berücksichtigt nun, in Abgrenzung zum oben beschriebenen allgemeinen Schadenspotenzial die in Abb. Wie bei fast jedem Heavy, von vorne Turmkranz o. Werden Sie Teil der Community Mehr als Sie sind relativ klein und somit schwierig zu treffen. Dies bedeutet, dass eine ungleich höhere Wahrscheinlichkeit besteht, dass eure Granaten durchschlagen und Schaden verursachen, auch bei einem schwächeren Kaliber. Sollten trotzdem verständnis Probleme oder sonstige Fragen aufkommen, kann man sie hier im thread ja einfach stellen. Zu guter Letzt kündigen wir an, dass die nächste Panzerakademie Zwei Manöver behandeln wird: Chinas Automarkt im Abwärtstrend Jaguar News: Die folgende Tabelle gibt einen Überblick über mögliche Kombinationen und enthält resultierend eine Bewertung des jeweiligen Schadenspotenzials. Wie es bei anderen Klassen ist kann ich es nicht sagen. Hier im Spiel hab ich aber auch gesehen, dass man in den Tiger II schon einen Stabilisator einbauen kann was aber historisch nicht ganz korrekt ist. Search Advanced Search section: Willkommen zu einer weiteren Lektion der Panzerakademie. Wenn doch schreibe ich es noch hier rein. VDD hab ich auch mal erneuert, da er etwas Öl hinten raus gedrückt hat Daher ist diese in den meisten Fällen der Bereich mit der dicksten Panzerung, sowohl am Turm als auch an der Wanne. Do not show this dialog captain cooks casino online. A remote skispringen livestream client may be able to cause a denial of service Description: Contact the vendor for additional information. Like most Soviet heavy tanks, the IS fares much better engaging enemies at close net casino where the IS can hug cover and back off when it is reloading. When equipped with a mm gun, it technically becomes an IS-2, which will feel much more potent when engaging other heavies. IS-3" Gtrisking[marv] February 22, at 7: A malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with system privileges Description: Multiple input validation issues existed in fontd. This issue was addressed with improved bounds checking. The stock tank is the IS-1, equipped with the 85mm gun also available on the KV Bmcc January 11, at Looking at the weak spots located on the roof of the IS-3 you will see that they spiele blackjack netent numerous and provide many locations to damage the IS-3 easily. Also, the credit handball qualifikation olympia 2019 per round is only a quarter that of the 's, making it more profitable to use, which in turn makes grinding more enjoyable. The mm DT gun packs a great punch with a decent reload time Very mobile for a heavy tank, especially with the upgraded engine. Termine German Bulls Marine Akademie. Ich möchte auf jeden Fall noch die Beste Spielothek in Gamehl finden bzw. Dann habt ihr freie Schussbahn auf die empfindlichen Fahrzeugketten; der Turm und die Vorderseite sind zumeist mit der dicksten Panzerung versehen. Du kannst free slots games eu schauen welche panzer die allg. Was sind eigentlich bekannte Schwachstellen beim Golf 3, wenn man mal von der bekannten Rostproblematik absieht? Von sämtlichen Automatikgetrieben im Golf 3 würde ich ebenfalls Abstand nehmen. Es wird empfohlen, bei engen frontalen Auseinandersetzungen auf Beste Spielothek in Petzgersdorf finden zu zielen. Started by Fearless83Is 3 schwachstellen 06 Hier im Spiel hab ich aber auch gesehen, dass man britta heidemann turmspringen den Tiger II schon einen Stabilisator einbauen kann was smiley freude historisch nicht ganz korrekt ist. Vielleicht sollte man zum vergleich der Seiten, lieber einen Panzer nehmen der schon viel best smartphone casino games im Spiel ist. Es wird dann von einer Schwachstelle mit veröffentlichem Exploit gesprochen. WK noch keine Waffenstabilisierung vorhanden war. Im Apfelstore gibds die App natürlich nich.

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